Living Prayerfully Dependent

I often run straight into my day without taking even a few seconds to pray.  When I’m in a frustrating situation (as being a parent to a toddler is full of them), it rarely crosses my mind to ask God to help me in the moment.  It’s usually late at night, when I’ve finally slowed… Continue reading Living Prayerfully Dependent


Living in Christ or Fear

Since I became an adult, I have become very aware of potential dangers in the world we live in.  Even as a kid I was afraid to go into a fast food place alone to order food because I was afraid I might get kidnapped. It has just multiplied as I learn about more of what… Continue reading Living in Christ or Fear

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You’re Never Too Old to Learn from Elmo

I never thought I would be in my 30’s and be learning something from Sesame Street, but here I am.  Every morning when my daughter is home, she gets 1-2 episodes of Sesame Street sometime in the morning so I can focus on work, because that’s where we are right now in this COVID-19 crisis. … Continue reading You’re Never Too Old to Learn from Elmo


Allowing Peace

This world is unreal right now.  We went from our regular, everyday lives, to gradually losing one thing after another. First, large gatherings, including schools and my child’s daycare. Then, dining in restaurants, playing sports (and watching them). Going to work...some people became unemployed, others relocated (like me) to home. Now, we can only go… Continue reading Allowing Peace


Overcoming Fear Induced Planning

I spend a lot of time planning.  Planning for things...buying a car, paying bills, going on trips, covering the cost of repairs and maintenance on our cars or house.  Being prepared for anything that could come up is important to me. It’s not always possible, but it is always on my mind. I recently did… Continue reading Overcoming Fear Induced Planning


The Ultimate Goal of a Christian Life

If life was easy, we wouldn’t need God.    I’m facing some uncertainty right now...a lot of it, actually.    My company is being acquired by another company, and the deal is due to close soon. I’m not worried about my’s more of just not knowing what the new company will look like. What… Continue reading The Ultimate Goal of a Christian Life


How The Heart Affects Our Words

I completely lost my focus in December. I honestly believed I had written something and posted around Thanksgiving, but looking back I realized it was the beginning of November. The entire holiday season was crazy busy. Between work, church, family, and friends, I felt like I was constantly in motion and didn’t take much time… Continue reading How The Heart Affects Our Words